We at Nordic Products & Services are leaders in the supply of safe, effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products which are utilised by qualified professionals as well as many others who have a responsibility for cleaning, such as community groups and wardens.

Our products have been especially developed for the purposes of graffiti removal and prevention.  Graffiti vandals believe that their actions are harmless – but the reality is that graffiti affects both the environment and local communities. It can cause offence to residents and can lead to violence and arrest. As a company, we aim not only to discourage graffiti, but to prevent it altogether.

To assist with graffiti removal – and other cleaning tasks – we provide such equipment as:

  • A range of hot and cold pressure washers and accessories to remove graffiti, gum and general stains

  • Wipe-out graffiti kits and wipes

  • Maelstrom for stubborn graffiti

  • Anti-graffiti coating – as we believe that prevention is better than cure

We also provide thorough training in the use of each of our products to ensure that they are handled safely and effectively. So, whatever your cleaning needs, you can be sure that we have the products, equipment and expertise to help you fulfil them.